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Evaporator manufacturer

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Evaporator manufacturer

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Detailed description



The evaporator manufacturers need to pay attention to the treatment of sodium bromide. In general, the sodium bromide solution does not need evaporation crystallization. It only needs to reach the concentration according to the customer's requirement. The raw liquid is 2% raw material, and after concentration, the concentration of 10% can meet the needs of industrial production. Therefore, evaporator can be used to achieve evaporation and concentration.

Attention point

1, the process of evaporation is easy to froth, so we need to pay attention to the height of the separator and increase the thickness of the demister.

2, according to the concentration situation, we need to increase the defoamer appropriately because some foam may cause the evaporation condition is not ideal.

3, it is necessary to test the boiling point of sodium bromide when the concentration is measured in detail, and the boiling point of the evaporator is not obvious, but when the evaporator is used, the boiling point is increased by more than 3-5 degrees. Of course, choosing the right compressor and equipment material is a more important one.

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