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The price of the cold section of the oxidizer

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The price of the cold section of the oxidizer

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The action process of the automatic regulation system includes the output signal of the transmitter when the bubble level of the new oxidizer is increased (assuming a given value). The liquid level indicator decreases, and the signal is fed into the regulator at the same time. The regulator compares the signal with the given value and calculates the comparison result. Output electrical signals to electrical converters. The regulator output is reduced because the regulator operates in a positive mode. The output signal of the electrical converter is correspondingly reduced, the regulating valve is closed, and the water intake is reduced, so that the liquid level rises slowly or the measurement value approaches the given value.

Conversely, when the liquid level of the cooler section of the oxidizer is lowered, the signal of the regulator causes the valve to open and the liquid level rises until the deviation is eliminated. The adjustment will stop.

Note that the system meter shows a low water level of 100%, indicating that 0% is a high water level.

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