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A new chilling section of a new oxidizer

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A new chilling section of a new oxidizer

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It is very important for safe production and stable operation of formaldehyde. The steam will bring water seriously when the liquid level of the drum is too high. Although some droplets are separated by a gas liquid separator, the quality of the mixture will still be affected. The catalyst is dampened. If the liquid level is too low or the water is cut off, it will be more dangerous. It will lead to burn out or other malignant accidents in the quench section. In order to improve the reliability and safety of the automatic control system. The monitoring and adjustment of the liquid level uses multiple design, especially the use of a special liquid level sampler to ensure the authenticity of the liquid level signal of the drum, and effectively solves the automatic adjustment of the liquid level fixed value of the drum.


1.1 the self-made liquid level sampler, with instrument measurement display and automatic adjustment, also can replace the adjustment instrument with DCS adjustment system; 1.2 install glass plate liquid meter, easy to spot observation;

1.3 install upper and lower limit alarm of floating ball and alarm device for upper and lower limits of electric instrument. The buffer container is very important in this automatic adjustment system. It is not only convenient for the dismantling of the instrument, but also can make the liquid level smooth, avoid the floating ball in the floating ball level relay for alarm, and cause the frequent alarm and wear of the machine parts.

The action process of the automatic regulation system includes the output signal of the transmitter when the bubble level of the new oxidizer is increased (assuming a given value). The liquid level indicator decreases, and the signal is fed into the regulator at the same time. The regulator compares the signal with the given value and calculates the comparison result. Output electrical signals to electrical converters. The regulator output is reduced because the regulator operates in a positive mode. The output signal of the electrical converter is correspondingly reduced, the regulating valve is closed, and the water intake is reduced, so that the liquid level rises slowly or the measurement value approaches the given value.

Conversely, when the liquid level is lowered, the regulator signals, so that the valve opens and the liquid level rises until the deviation is eliminated. The adjustment will stop.

Note that the system meter shows a low water level of 100%, indicating that 0% is a high water level.

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