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Linyi Yu Heng Mechanical Chemical Co., Ltd.

Contact: Chairman - Chan Hua -13905390882

Manager - Shang Jun Yu -15376910008

Contact phone: 0539-5778777

Company fax: 0539-5778717

Contact Q Q:948562665

Micro signal: 15376910008

Company mailbox: 948568665@qq.com

Company website: www.yuhengjixie.cn

Address: Xinqiao Town, Lanshan District, Linyi, Shandong

Manufacturer of complete set of equipment

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Manufacturer of complete set of equipment

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  • Release date:2018/05/14
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  The intensifying air drier equipment made by the manufacturer of the complete equipment of the oostopin is made up of the air supply system (blower, air filter, air inlet pipe), the heating system (electric heating, steam heat exchanger, hot air furnace can be equipped), spiral feeder, intensifier, pulse tube, cyclone collector, bag dust collector, air diversion The system consists of the system. The cyclone dryer can be designed to increase the drying time of the material in the dryer and reduce the final moisture content of the finished product. There are three kinds of material selection, which can be made of full carbon steel, made of stainless steel with material, and made of all stainless steel. It is mainly based on the requirements of customers and raw materials, and also provides a special material for the production of reinforced air dryers.

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