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A complete set of formaldehyde equipment we dont know about

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A complete set of formaldehyde equipment we dont know about

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We will introduce the knowledge of the complete sets of formaldehyde equipment for you.

For transporting formaldehyde equipment, it is necessary to configure fire fighting equipment and some leakage emergency handling equipment. If it is in summer, then it is better to transport sooner or later. In addition, the tank cars used in transportation should be grounded. Holes can be provided in the tank to avoid static electricity generation.

Formaldehyde is mainly prepared by catalytic reaction distillation. This method is a combination of reaction and separation. It is a special distillation technology. On the necessary equipment, there are mainly two reactive distillation columns and extraction towers. The other ones are determined according to the specific circumstances.

It is very extensive in its application. So, it can be used as a solvent. So, the answer to this question is right. Moreover, formaldehyde is used as solvent, so it has the advantages of good solubility and fast volatility.

General formaldehyde complete sets of equipment have the characteristics of strong production capacity. Under normal circumstances, if the design is more reasonable, then the production capacity of the packing tower of formaldehyde equipment can reach a very good state. It should be known that mass transfer is accomplished by rising steam and relying on the countercurrent contact of gravity falling along the surface of the packing.

In order to ensure normal work, we also have certain requirements for its liquid holding capacity. In fact, the liquid holding capacity refers to the amount of liquid held on the surface of the packing, the internals or the tray on the normal operation, and the corresponding change occurs according to the change of the operation load. For the packing tower of formaldehyde equipment, its liquid holding capacity should be controlled within six percent.


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