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Research on depolymerization of POM equipment manufacturers

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Research on depolymerization of POM equipment manufacturers

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Polyformaldehyde is a solid powder which is convenient for storage and transportation. It is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and other chemical synthesis and other industrial fields. It is an ideal substitute for Industrial formaldehyde. However, paraformaldehyde itself has no chemical activity. Only when paraformaldehyde is depolymerized into monomer formaldehyde, can it be used for reaction. In addition, formaldehyde is easily polymerized in solution during storage.

It is necessary to disassemble it to make full use of it.

What is the alkali catalyzed depolymerization of paraformaldehyde plant?

The analytical results obtained by direct pyrolysis polymerization are not ideal. Therefore, the alkali catalyzed depolymerization method is used to carry out the understanding experiment of paraformaldehyde.

The dissolution test of polyformaldehyde in the solvent shows that polyformaldehyde is difficult to depolymerized even if the pH value and the depolymerization temperature of the solution are increased in the nonpolar solvents, such as cyclohexane. In polar solvents, such as water and isopropanol, the pH value of the depolymerization solution can be adjusted at a certain temperature, so that paraformaldehyde can be depolymerized in different degrees.

Formaldehyde, as a chemical substance, will benefit mankind if it is applied rationally according to norms. However, if unreasonable use or excessive content, it will cause damage to the environment and human body. First of all, it is embodied in the following aspects: the following is the introduction of paraformaldehyde equipment manufacturers.

Paraformaldehyde factory analysis, its first performance is the stimulation of the skin and mucous membrane, it will be combined with protein, when inhaled too much even will produce severe edema, headache and other performance. Secondly, if the skin is directly exposed to formaldehyde, it may cause stains, necrosis and other phenomena, and is very simple, leading to bronchial asthma and other diseases. So when we use formaldehyde, we should do preventive work ahead of time.


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