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Doubts about the solution of methal equipment

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Doubts about the solution of methal equipment

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  Our technicians are going to answer your doubts about the acetal equipment, so as to help you better use this equipment.

As for the liquid level of the methal plant, it is not known whether it depends on the desalted water from the tail gas washing tower or the methanol accumulated by spraying methanol. In fact, these two conditions are all possible, both by spraying methanol, the reflux of the top of the tower, or by one or a few of the liquid levels in the washing water of the tail gas washing tower.

For methal equipment, there are mainly complete equipment of methal, as well as reactive distillation column and extractive distillation tower. For the preparation of methal, it is usually through the catalyst that methanol and formaldehyde are reacted in the synthesis tower to form methyl acetal and obtained from the top of the tower. The unreacted methanol separated from the product can be recycled to avoid waste.

The methylene acetal produced by the equipment can be summarized as:

Application 1: used in insecticides because of its low cost.

Purpose two: used for leather brighteners, as well as in automotive Polish formulations.

Purpose three: used in air fresheners, ribbons, and cleaning agents on electronic equipment.

At present, the industrial process is mainly composed of two steps: methacrylic acid, that is, methanol first oxidize to formaldehyde, then formaldehyde and methanol are condensed to form methyl acetal. Methyl acetal was synthesized from methanol and formaldehyde aqueous solution by batch reaction distillation column. The strong acidic cation exchange resin is a reactive distillation method. The strong acid cation exchange resin is insoluble in water and is easily separated from the reaction liquid after reaction. But it is easily polluted by metal ions in the raw material solution, and the stability is not good, so it is limited in the industrial application.


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