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Analysis of the problem of extracting acetal equipment

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Analysis of the problem of extracting acetal equipment

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The extraction of acetal equipment is one of many tower equipment. The understanding of it is considered from two angles. On the one hand, it is about the temperature of the sensitive plate of the distillation column and the effect of the heat balance of the tower.

In the whole distillation column, the temperature of the sensitive plate is used as the main parameter to control the quality and yield of the product, but basically, the temperature of the bottom of the tower determines the content of the component of the bottom of the tower. In other words, if the bottom temperature of the tower is high and the content of the rearrangement is high, otherwise the light component will be high.

And as a heat balance tower, the proportion of non aromatics and benzene in the feed of the distillation column will change, which will result in the change of the composition of the feed and eventually influence the heat balance of the distilled distillation column.

The noise of the fan is mainly caused by the impact noise and friction noise produced by the gear or belt drive, as well as the noise caused by the vibration of the exhaust pipe, the pressure regulating valve, the casing and so on, and the noise of the electromagnetic sound driving the motor and the wind noise of the cooling fan. To control fan noise, different control measures can be selected according to the size of the fan noise, field conditions and noise reduction requirements.

The main source of noise in the production of the acetal equipment when the compressor and the pump comes from is the corresponding control method. It only needs to be operated according to the requirements, and it can reduce the noise.


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