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Water treatment in the production of polyformaldehyde equipment manufacturers

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Water treatment in the production of polyformaldehyde equipment manufacturers

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Polyformaldehyde equipment manufacturers use some water in the process of production, which can not be discharged immediately after use, if this will cause pollution to nature.

Now environmental protection institutions are very strict in the management of this aspect. We generally have to deal with the water in the process of production so that it can be applied well. The treated water can be discharged to the outside, and the water is treated by some equipment that can remove the harmful substances in the water of the industrial production. The water will be detected in the row to see if there is an excess of solid formaldehyde in it, and the acidity and alkalinity of the water. Is it right?

The acidity and alkalinity are too high and too low to be very good, and these water will have some effects on some living creatures. If they are not treated, if people drink it, it will be unhealthy for a long time. In the production process of paraformaldehyde plant, water treatment usually has to be filtered through three times, and can be discharged after reaching the corresponding standard.

Paraformaldehyde is a chemical substance. When recycling, it is necessary to understand the physical and chemical properties of this substance, otherwise it is very dangerous. Polyformaldehyde is a polymer of formaldehyde. The degree of polymerization of low molecular weight formaldehyde is about 8-12, the solubility of formaldehyde is about 8-12, the solubility of formaldehyde is 80, the formaldehyde odor is intense, the solubility of the polymerization degree n is above 12, the solubility is 120-170. It dissolves in ethanol, propanol and ether, dissolves in dilute acid and dilute alkali solution. It decomposes quickly when melting, and does not possess some mechanical properties of plastic. It can not be processed into a film, which can be used as a disinfectant, a bactericide, as well as a resin and artificial ivory, and can be obtained by polymerization of pure formaldehyde under the alkaline condition (such as HaOH).


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