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Double effect distillation process for methal equipment

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Double effect distillation process for methal equipment

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When designing methyl acetal equipment, it involves the choice of multi effect distillation efficiency, which is conditional. First of all, the efficiency of the methanol distillation unit should be limited by the investment. Even the two effect distillation will increase the cost of the equipment, and the heat transfer temperature difference of the heat exchanger will be reduced, and the heat transfer area will be increased.

Secondly, the effective number of methanol rectification unit is also limited by operating conditions. From the various restrictive conditions, the efficiency of multi effect distillation of methanol distillation unit is generally two efficiency. That is to say, it adopts reverse flow feed double effect distillation process, which has great advantages.

It is understood that the countercurrent feed double effect distillation process of the acetal equipment can reduce the operating pressure and energy consumption of the distillation system as much as possible. Compared with the single tower atmospheric distillation, it shows obvious water saving effect in addition to the single tower atmospheric distillation. Moreover, the process unit adopts the high efficiency tower internals, which makes the design surplus of the device bigger and the input output ratio more economical.

Methanol distillation unit no longer uses all the control valve control, but some use frequency conversion to save electricity technology instead of electricity saving effect can be imagined. In addition, its control system mainly relies on computer distributed control DCS technology, which greatly reduces the number of operators and basically realizes single person operation.

After the methanol enters the methal distillation unit, it will enter the two effect recovery tower eighth plate after preheating of the raw material preheater and the two stage preheater of the raw material hot water preheater, so that the methanol is concentrated, the high concentration methanol steam is collected to the two effect reflux tank and the two effect reflux pump is transported to the finished cooler to cool down. For finished methanol.

The rest of the two effect reflux preheater is reheated to the top of the two effect tower after a finished product is preheated, and the methanol concentration is reduced continuously below the feed plate and is reheated again in the preheating device. Recycle the above steps.


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