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How to remove formaldehyde from indoor formaldehyde complete equipment

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How to remove formaldehyde from indoor formaldehyde complete equipment

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One, indoor formaldehyde how to do?

1, keep indoor air circulation, keep home clean and dry, avoid the use of volatile organic pollutants of daily necessities, the best in the home do not smoke, kitchen cooking food use exhaust smoke machine. Pets should be reduced and carpet should be extensively covered at home so as not to cause allergies. The release period of formaldehyde in plates is three to fifteen years, not through green plants or windowing. Therefore, formaldehyde removal from all kinds of man-made boards is the key to solve the pollution problem of decoration, and is also a truly effective method.

2. At present, there are some equipment and techniques for purifying the formaldehyde set equipment in the indoor air, which can be used according to their indoor air pollution.

Two, the method of indoor formaldehyde removal

1. Physical adsorption technology to remove formaldehyde

It is mainly a variety of air purifier, China has some manufacturers to produce purifier products, but most manufacturers are still producing mechanical filtration, ozone and air negative ion generator. Such products mainly adsorb suspended solids in the air, and also have certain adsorption effect on indoor formaldehyde and other pollutants.

(1) air purifier: it has certain adsorption effect on indoor formaldehyde and other pollutants.

(2) Mayan blue material: it has numerous tiny pores and weak electricity. It can absorb and lock harmful molecules such as formaldehyde and toluene, and decompose it into harmless gas. It is a fine material for removing formaldehyde.

(3) harmful gas absorber and furniture adsorption treasure: it can catalyze decomposition of indoor formaldehyde and other harmful gases.

(4) deodorant and formaldehyde capture agent: the use of decoration works can effectively reduce the free formaldehyde in wood-based panels. The commonly used method is to spray formaldehyde scavengers or formaldehyde traps in indoor air, or to use some preparations that can instantly remove odor. These methods can only remove the free formaldehyde, and can not effectively release formaldehyde from the basic artificial board. There is also a kind of formaldehyde removal method is to use the closed principle, directly used on the surface of furniture, with this formaldehyde scavenger, will have transparent or bright white film on the furniture surface. Although the sealing method has immediate effect, but the long time closed also has loopholes, and can not fundamentally remove formaldehyde.

(5) formaldehyde sealant: the complete set of formaldehyde is applied to the furniture interior panels and wood-based panels which have not been painted to reduce the amount of formaldehyde released.


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