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How to choose the regulating valve in the acetal equipment?

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How to choose the regulating valve in the acetal equipment?

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In chemical production, the use of regulating valves is very extensive, almost all kinds of chemical equipment have its shape. As a direct contact with the process medium, the control valve of the acetal equipment must be used to meet the corresponding conditions, including the ability to resist wear, corrosion and pressure, so as to ensure the safety and nature of the operation of the equipment. How do you choose the adjustment valve here? The little editor can teach you a few tricks.

Whether it is model or performance, it is very important for the regulating valve, especially in the face of long mechanical fatigue and strong chemical corrosion, to improve the performance of the regulating valve to ensure the production of product control. At the time of selection, first of all, according to the production process requirements of the processing medium, it is necessary to collect the relevant physical parameters of the complete process fluid, such as composition, density, temperature, flow and so on.

At the same time, we should also take into account the operating conditions of the regulating valve so as not to reduce the performance of the regulating valve because of the bad operating conditions; not only that, it should also meet the control requirements, especially the requirements for long-term stable use, but also say that once the relevant regulating valves are selected, they can not be replaced regularly. In the organic chemical equipment of methal equipment, many toxic media are often involved. Therefore, from the perspective of environmental protection and safety, the low leakage rate of the regulating valve should be guaranteed.


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