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What industry will participate in paraformaldehyde equipment manufacturers?

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What industry will participate in paraformaldehyde equipment manufacturers?

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1. Chemical industry

It is used in the production of polyoxymethylene in industry. In general, 55% of the concentration of poly (55%) is concentrated to more than 75%, and then the first step of polymerization is made to generate polyoxymethylene, and then a trimeric polyformaldehyde based reaction monomer, with a proper amount of two oxygen rings as a monomer, and then second steps. The reaction comes to a long chain of polypolyoxymethylene, which can eventually end the reaction by adding reflecting terminator, such as carboxylic acid, through the closed end of the chain. After high precision finishing, POM plastic particles were finally obtained.

Two. Wood industry

Paraformaldehyde plant is commonly used to produce urea formaldehyde resin and phenolic resin in wood industry. Urea formaldehyde resin is usually synthesized by mixing formaldehyde with urea and mixing in a certain molar ratio. Generally, polyformaldehyde is mixed with phenol and mixed in a certain molar ratio to form phenolic resin. In recent years, the position that paraformaldehyde is irreplaceable in the wood processing industry is gradually being replaced by MDI gum.

Three, textile industry

Inevitably, many clothes and garments involve the use and addition of paraformaldehyde in the process of finishing. The production of general clothing fabric, in order to achieve better anti wrinkle, shrinkproof water, flame retardant and other characteristics, or to maintain the existence of printing, dyeing durability, or to improve the comfort of the hand, it is necessary to add polyformaldehyde in the auxiliary. The use of polyformaldehyde to make printing and dyeing auxiliaries is more pure cotton textiles, because pure cotton textile is the most easy to wrinkle, the use of polyformaldehyde containing additives can improve the hardness of cotton cloth. Generally containing polyformaldehyde textiles, in the process of people's wear and use process, will gradually release free polyformaldehyde gradually, through the human respiratory and skin contact and trigger inflammation of the respiratory tract and skin inflammation, but also the stimulation of the eyes. Paraformaldehyde can trigger allergies in some people and is likely to induce cancer. It is harmful to the death of the human body to use the dyeing auxiliaries containing polyformaldehyde, or especially in some factories, to reduce the cost of production.

Four. Anticorrosive solution

Paraformaldehyde is a substance released from the paraformaldehyde Sodium Bisulfite, which is decomposed in the temperature environment above 60 degrees C. It is usually colorless, with a scent of stimulation, and easy to dissolve in water. The 35% to 40% concentration of polyformaldehyde solution, known as Faure Marin, has a strong anti-corrosion and bactericidal performance, can be used to soak biological corpses, specimens, to do basic disinfection of seeds, but because polyformaldehyde makes the protein denaturation, easy to make the specimen brittle.

The chemical properties of the polyformaldehyde factory are mainly because of the antiseptic properties of the antiseptic, mainly because the main amino energy of the proteins that constitute the organism (including bacteria itself) is chemically reacted with polyformaldehyde and deforms to death.


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