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Formaldehyde complete equipment brief introduction of formaldehyde removal methods

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Formaldehyde complete equipment brief introduction of formaldehyde removal methods

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One, folklore method for the complete set of formaldehyde equipment

Put the tea residue, pomelo peel, onion slices, pineapple pieces in the newly decorated rooms or fumigate the whole room with white vinegar.

Experts commented: the use of tea residue, pomelo skin, onion slices, pineapple pieces and other soil methods can actually only play a covering role, such as covering the odor of the toilet, etc. But these things do not absorb formaldehyde in the air. In addition to these things, some people also like to use perfume, air freshener, this method is not advisable, because the chemical materials in perfume and air freshener may react with the material in the air, thus causing two pollution.

Two. Plant absorption method

Plants have a strong ability to absorb formaldehyde, such as cactus, Chlorophytum, aloe, Clivia, iron tree, chrysanthemum and so on.

Experts comment: many plants do have some functions of purifying the air. But this does not mean that plants can completely clean up the formaldehyde in the air, and the absorption of formaldehyde in plants can only play an auxiliary role in the whole process of purifying the air. If the formaldehyde content in the air is too high, it may even cause the death of the plant itself. In addition, because they consume the formaldehyde around them through photosynthesis, the absorption efficiency at night and rainy days will be very low. Under normal circumstances, a large number of plants can play a role in decontamination and pollution.

Three. Chemical preparation purification method

It mainly uses chemical reactions to consume formaldehyde in the air; at present, the formaldehyde catcher in the market is divided into two kinds. One is to purify the air by decomposing formaldehyde and producing harmful substances, and the other is to purify air by blocking formaldehyde to prevent the volatilization of formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde set of equipment experts review: advantages: high efficiency, use the immediate effect; shortcomings: the treatment of no cure; formaldehyde release is a very long process, lasting for several years or even decades, is absorbed or reacted only a small part of formaldehyde released.

Four, photocatalyst

Photocatalyst is a kind of substance which can not change itself in the light of light, but can promote chemical reaction. The photocatalyst is the energy needed to convert the light energy into chemical reaction in nature, to produce the catalytic action, so that the surrounding oxygen and water molecules are excited into the free negative ions of the highly oxygenated force. Almost all the organic substances and some inorganic substances which are harmful to the human body and the environment can not only accelerate the reaction, but also use the natural resources, and do not cause waste of resources and additional pollution.


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