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Application of automatic instrument in production process of paraformaldehyde equipment

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Application of automatic instrument in production process of paraformaldehyde equipment

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  In the process of the production of polyformaldehyde equipment, in many cases, the work condition of the various parts should be measured for the automation instrument, because in many cases it is not suitable for the past. For the classification of automatic instrument test, it is the first to discuss from four aspects: the pressure instrument class. In the process of production, it is usually required to control the pressure to fulfill the production demand. In the past, the pressure meter was used to read the pressure, that is, using the pressure pipe to connect the pressure gauge to observe the pressure in the production process, which is helpful to prevent the damage of the equipment and ensure the safety of the staff. The pressure gauge usually includes the pressure transmitter, pressure sensor, and so on. In the pressure test, the pressure system is first connected to the pressure system. The pressure transmitter is used to transmit and deal with the data. Second, the temperature instrument. During the production process, the temperature is constantly changing, it is necessary to monitor the temperature, with the usual use of hot couple or heat resistance, with the rapid expansion of the electronic skills, the intelligent temperature control system is born, and the bus skill is used actively, which helps to put the temperature equipment in the microcomputer control chip. The collected data, the completion of information processing; third, level meters. The position meter first records the orientation and then reads the merchandise. For example, in the process of chemical production, you can read the height of the sample and read the position of the oil surface in the oil pipeline; fourth, the flow velocity meter. The flow and flow meter mainly uses the fluid flowing through the cross section area in unit time, connecting the mass and volume, and then reading the relevant data.


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