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It is necessary to understand the nature of the material when recycling paraformaldehyde.

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It is necessary to understand the nature of the material when recycling paraformaldehyde.

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Paraformaldehyde is a chemical substance. When recycling, it is necessary to understand the physical and chemical properties of this substance, otherwise it is very dangerous. Polyformaldehyde is a polymer of formaldehyde. The degree of polymerization of low molecular weight formaldehyde is about 8-12, the solubility of formaldehyde is about 8-12, the solubility of formaldehyde is 80, the formaldehyde odor is intense, the solubility of the polymerization degree n is above 12, the solubility is 120-170. It dissolves in ethanol, propanol and ether, dissolves in dilute acid and dilute alkali solution. It decomposes quickly when melting, and does not possess some mechanical properties of plastic. Quality, and can not be processed into thin film, can be used as disinfectant, bactericide and preparation of resin and artificial ivory, and so on, can be obtained by polymerization of pure formaldehyde under the alkaline condition (such as HaOH). Polyformaldehyde is made from dehydration and drying of formaldehyde. Its production is carried out in two steps: first, it is heated under negative pressure to remove 37% of the formaldehyde first, and concentrate the concentrated aldehyde of 65%- 70% to polymerize under the condition of alkaline catalysis and then be dry and get the products. It is worth clarifying that the boiling point should be reduced in order to reduce the loss of aldehyde.

We should know something about the nature of paraformaldehyde equipment manufacturers, and we hope to help you.


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